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We’re nearly there!  Work has been progressing over the last few months and The Owlery has now been completed externally, apart from some wood preservative to go on once we get nearer Spring and some dry weather!  Internally, most of the structural fixtures and fittings have been done, with the exception of some plumbing work still to be completed.  Then it’s just a case of getting all the furnishings unpacked and put into place – and taking photos so you can see the end result of all the hard work.  I hope you’ll be tempted to book your stay at The Owlery.

Below are full details for The Owlery once finished:

Located in secluded grounds at Hillside, and adjacent to my Great Horned owls’ aviary, The Owlery is  a new addition to my self-catering accommodation at Hillside.   Built from Siberian larch with a lovely vaulted, natural pine, ceiling internally, this 7.2m x 4m pod is an architecturally interesting design as well as an extremely cosy and comfortable cabin in which to relax and unwind. 

The Owlery is approached from the car park at the top of my driveway, and you are led up a shallow ramp which opens out on to a raised deck, providing a veranda area where you can sit out and enjoy the garden views and watch your adjacent neighbours, Thor and Freya. 

During the main season, the veranda accommodates two teak arm chairs, and a trolley chest/table, all under a large parasol awning which will give you protection from any gentle rain, should you wish to sit out in the fresh air with your coffee, or glass of wine, and enjoy the scenery on those not-so-bright days. 

There is a fabulous stag antler bird feeding station incorporated into the balustrade which surrounds the veranda, together with a couple of slate topped, chunky, feeding tables down on the deck for the pine martens (and, hopefully, badgers once they’ve learnt to take a detour from their usual route!!).

Inside, it is an extremely well appointed unit and has been fitted out to a high standard throughout:

Owner’s Tip
While I keep the bird feeders topped up regularly, you are very welcome to bring your own selection of treats for the birds.

As with The Chalet property, if you want to have a good chance of seeing pine martens and badgers close up, and don’t mind a late night vigil, bring a selection of peanut butter, honey, or jam with you – or for the healthier option, peanuts and dried fruit (they adore sultanas, raisins and banana chips!).   The two small slate-topped feeding tables can be used to put out the more sticky foods – a variety of wildlife should be kept quite busy visiting to sample the menu.

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